Leanmusclemass-e1443977162406When you think about going to the gym, there are different programs that you can follow. You can work out for having a lean body, or you can start doing different exercises for increasing the muscular mass and focusing on bodybuilding.

You don’t have to get too big to have a nice sculptured body, but you can do enough exercises to look good. If you’ll ask the specialists in this domain, you will see that you can take special supplements to help you increase your muscle mass and gain a beautiful form.

Let’s see the top muscle building supplements that are good for you.

The Creatine

The creatine is a substance that is found in the cells of the muscles, around the muscle tissue that is around the bones. That is the place where more than 95% of the supply of creatine from your body can be found, and the rest is throughout the body.

Scientists have developed a substance that reproduces the natural compounds that can be found in your organism, and it is used for cellular modulation and energy productions.

There are several perks for using a supplement of creatine – it promotes a lean body mass, it helps you increase the muscle cell volume, you will get a faster recovery after a workout, the storage of glycogen will be increased and you will have an increased muscle performance. Click here to read definitive guide about creatine

It is one of the substances that athletes prefer because it’s more natural and it helps their bodies gain weight at a faster pace.

The Beta-Alanine

This is a non-essential amino acid that gets into your body through protein rich food. Poultry is one of those types of food that contains this amino acid and is recommended for increasing the weight of your muscles. The performance that it gives is due to the fact that it helps to increase the levels of carnosine from the intramuscular levels.

If you use supplements based on beta-alanine, you can expect an elevated endurance, improved force output, delayed fatigue, improved repeated sprint ability and it works great if it’s combined with creatine.

The Whey Protein

If you choose to use whey proteins, you will supply your body with a great amount of protein that will help you start the muscle growing process a lot faster. The whey protein can be used before and after each workout session, to improve restoration and muscle recovery. It can also speed the gain and loss processes of your body.

Build-Lean-Muscle-MassA shake made with whey protein will help any athlete after the workouts to replenish the nutrients that the body lost during the exercise. Plus you can combine with similar products to get best bodybuilding supplement stack for faster, more all round gains and results

The whey is a mild protein that helps in delivering the needed amino acids to the skeletal muscles.

It’s also adequate for those who suffer from lactose intolerance because this is better accepted by the body and it can be virtually lactose-free.


BCAA comes from branched-chain amino acid and it helps in improving the workout results. Your body has 20 amino acids, and three of them are part of the BCAA – the leucine, the isoleucine and the valine. These three acids are dedicated to stimulating the synthesis of protein and to helping you regulate the protein metabolism.

Your body uses the BCAAs for helping your muscles to recover, and it works exactly like the whey protein. It drives the nutrients to the muscle tissue and it allows for an improved recovery after a workout.

In the end, there are more supplements that you can take, but you need to choose one that fits your needs perfectly.