Fitness Training Guide for Working Mums

Workout Working MumAmong the biggest challenges which busy mums face when it comes to fitness is they aren’t able to fit in enough time for working out regularly.

Sure, you might find 1 hour at times, however nothing which is consistent enough for achieving the desired outcomes.

Below you’ll find some time hacks which will help you sneak in your exercise whilst also attending to limitless burdens of raising kids and running your household.

Below are some things which you could start doing right from today:

1. Wake up early

Set the alarm clock to half an hour earlier as compared to normal to carry out a heart pumping exercise at home. You won’t have to use weights or use any extraordinary equipment for this.

Within a few weeks of following this schedule and proper guide, consistently, you’ll be feeling awesome about yourself and your figure.

2. Utilize free time:

Just by looking at the daily schedule, you’ll find little periods of time which get “wasted” almost regularly. You can use this period to get yourself moving. Although it may be only for 5-10 min.

For example, in case you’ve ten minutes free prior to moving out of your house to your subsequent activity, do a few body weight workouts such as lunges, squats, planks, incline push up, etc.

You could easily carry out three sets of four workouts with twenty repetitions each within ten minutes. Read more about interval training here.

3. Say “No” to stuff which stops you from working out:

This is very important. Not letting yourself to get overwhelmed by agreeing to everything & everyone is a skill which you want to learn.

It might take little bit of practice originally, however after getting a hang of it, you’ll feel as if you’ve got your early life back.

The above are only a few of the numerous time hacks which could help you out in getting back to a regular workout routine.

Cardio workouts such as jogging, walking, or bike riding can be easily done on a regular basis. In case you ‘re doing weight training, you must keep it to less than three times each week.

This way, your muscles will get adequate time to acclimatize with the stress & recover. Read more about helpful supplements here.