Workout Working Mum

The best way to have your muscles maintained is to have a workout regimen of about 20 minutes of strength training exercises in about 2 or 3 times a week with a day in between your workout sessions. This will make your muscles to rest, recover and grow.

An exercise physiologist and president of a well-known corporate wellness consulting company, based in New York suggest these seven exercises which touches most of the muscles in your body. For maximum benefits of these exercise, it is recommended to go on, one to three sets of 8-15 repetition of exercises, with a resting period of not more than 45 seconds between sets so as to keep the motivation on.

The above regimen is actually for people who are already into bodybuilding. If you are just into weight training or you are no more in shape, its recommended to start with light weights of 2 -5 pounds and do fewer sets.

Let’s get started with the exercises:


This exercise specially works mostly on your buttocks and thighs. You stand with your feet as wide as your hip, weight a little on your heels, your hands on your hips, breath in or pull your abdominal in, stand tall with shoulders and chest lifted up.

As if there is a chair behind you sit back and down, go down as far without tilting your upper body  more than some few inches forward. Your knees must also not go past your toes.

Straighten your legs again and repeat the exercise.

One Arm Row

This exercise work best for your upper and middle back and your shoulders also.

Stand close to a chair of about a feet hip-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in your hand with your palm facing in, bend forward from the hip so your back makes an arch and make your body parallel to the floor, make your knees to be slightly bent, and also to balance you put your other hand on the chair next to you.

Angle your chin toward your chest  so that your neck also straighten up with the spine while your right hand will be in front of your right shin, then slowly pull the right hand along the side of your body till your elbows facing the ceiling.

Slowly put the weight back down, complete the reps and change to the other side

Modified Push-ups

This exercise work best for your chest, abdominal, your shoulders and your arms.

To get started, lie on your stomach with a your knees bent and your ankles crossed. Your palms are to be places on the floor a bit to the sides and in front of the shoulders. Position your forehead to face the floor with your chin a few inches to your chest,

Slowly lift your body so you can get balanced on your palm and knees until your arms are straightened. Make sure to hold in your abdominal and be careful not to lock your elbows. You then bend the elbows

And lower the body at once, try not letting your chest to touch the floor but just until your upper arms are parallel to the floor and push back up.

Shoulder Press

This exercise work on the shoulders and the arms. So to get started with the shoulder press exercise, sitting up tall on a chair with a dumbbell in each hand with your fit hip-width wide apart.

With your palm raised up bend the elbow and raise the dumbbell up to your ear level and make sure your elbows are just at or below your shoulder height. Slowly lift the dumbbells up without your elbows locking on each other then also slowly lower the dumbbells to start again.

Biceps Curl

This exercise works on your biceps

Hold a dumbbell in each hands and stand with your feet as wide as your hips while letting your hands hang lose on your sides with the palms facing in, pull your abdominal in, stand upright and keep the knees in relaxed form.

Curl your right arm up, fist nearby to your shoulder, snaking your palm so that it faces the front of your shoulder at the topmost of the effort. Gently lower the dumbbell back down, then repeat with your left arm. Carry on alternating until you’ve finished the set. (One rep contains of a bicep curl with each arm.)


this exercise is for the Triceps.

Stand close to a chair with a dumbbell in your right hand, and feet hip-width apart, tilt your body forward from the hip until your upper body is 45-degree angle to the floor. Place your free hand on the chair for support, bend the right elbow so that you have a parallel hand with the floor your forearms vertical in position and your palm facing in don’t lock the knees and also pull in your abdominal

Possession your upper arm still, unbend your arm behind you until the end of the dumbbell is aiming down. Gradually bend your arm to lower the weight for one rep. When you’ve completed the set, repeat with your left arm.


This exercise is good for your shoulders, abdominal, your chest, lower back, buttocks, thighs.

To start this exercise you have to lie on the floor, with your hands clasp in your front somewhere under your forehead and your toes tucked under. Press up for a balanced forearms and toes and make sure your abdominal are pulled in so you don’t have a sag back and don’t drop your hips.

Hold in this position for about 10 minutes, keeping your attention on your torso to be straight and your abdominal pulled in to support.

The good thing about these 7 exercises to build your muscles is that it keeps your fitness level at peak performance